Vokera Combi Boilers Come with a 5 Year Warranty

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A New Energy Efficient Vokera Combi Boiler fitted in your property can go a long way towards achieving a better Energy Rating as well as saving you money on fuel bills, Most modern condensing A-Rated Combi Boilers operate with an efficiency of approximately 90%+ when compared with a boiler that is ageing might have an efficiency of around 70%.


You can achieve a

Energy-related product 

(Erp) Rating of 94% (in Heating Mode)

when you install a new

Vokera Evolve Combi Boiler and when coupled with a BeSmart Internet Room Thermostat Control the Erp Rating can be as much as 98%.



5 Year Warranty on

Vokera Combi Boilers

Vokera Combi & System Boilers

Feature a Versatile

Top or Rear Flue Option 

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Prices are Subject to a Free Site Survey


Combi Boiler Installation Price


   25kw Vokera 25A         Combi Boiler  From  £ 1595. 00

   42kw Vokera Evolve   Combi Boiler  From  £ 2475. 00

   25kw Worcester           Combi Boiler  From  £ 1975. 00




   BeSmart Internet Thermostat            From  £ 160.  00

   Power Flush                                                  From  £ 280. 00

   Magna filter                                                   From  £ 120.  00



Combi Boiler Cost

Reflects Installations in the Same Locations





Before we install a new Combi Boiler

we do a site survey.

This is done by visiting the property and assessing the kind of boiler and size that would be required,

as well as some Gas Safety Checks

Things that can determine this are

  • Size of Property

  • Water Pressure

  • Flow Rate

  • Gas Pipe Size 

  • Gas Tightness Test

We Recommend a Power Flush

of your Heating System

Before a New Boiler Installation 

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