What is Legionnaire's Disease ?











Legionella may be found in purpose-built water systems, hot and cold water systems and spa pools. If conditions are favourable,

at  between 20oC - 45oC  the bacteria may multiply, increasing the risks of Legionnaire's disease, and it is therefore important to control the risks by introducing appropriate measures.

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Legionnaire's Disease is a type of Pneumonia

which is potentially fatal and everyone is susceptible to infection.

The germ which causes Legionnaire's disease is a bacterium called Legionella Pneumophila.

People catch Legionnaire's disease by inhaling small droplets of water suspended in the air

which contain the Legionella Bacterium.

However, most people who are exposed to Legionella do not become ill,

but the more bacteria someone inhales

the more likely they will become ill.

The Less Serious Conditions Related to Legionella are 

* Pontiac Fever  

* Lochgoilhead Fever - Both are Flu Like

The Risk Increases with Age,

But Some People are at Higher Risk

   *People over 45,                                                  * More frequently in Men                                  * Smokers and Heavy Drinkers,                       People who suffering from         

   * Chronic Respiratory  or                                       Kidney Disease,                                                  * Diabetes, Lung and Heart disease                     or anyone with an                                            * impaired immune system.

To Arrange your

Legionella Risk Assessment


for a Domestic Property

* Are conditions right for

   bacteria to multiply 

* Is the water temperature

    between 20 - 45oC

* Are there any dead legs where

   water can become stagnant 

* Are shower heads clean

We can find out these important things by doing a

Legionella Risk Assessment 

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